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Who Had the First 90s Car?

I had a thought today “I wonder what car was the first to completely break out of the 80s boxiness into the 90s soft, round, bubbly design? I’m not talking about exotics or low production cars but mass produced cars.i think it’s easy to say that Japan Spear headed the 90s assault on hard edges. I had alway thought of the 5th gen Civic as being a front runner, I mean it looked like a space ship compared to its boxy competitors. Even Honda and Acura other models like the Integra. Prelude and Accord stayed nice an boxy till 1994.

But 2 years earlier in 1990 round bodied cars hit the market. And hey came from Nissan like the 1990 300zx, and the 1990 Nissan NX2000.These still had hints of 80s design but have a predominant roundness. The curve of the Z32's roofline sets it aperture from its wedge shaped predecessor. And the NX is a pure bubble compare to the box that came before it. Losing its straight edge angles and pop up headlights in favor of cuvres aplenty and fixed headlights.

So 80s

And of coarse there was the bar of soap that is the NA Miata. And I mean that in a good way. In a sea of boxy cars her cam a car with not a single flat surface on it. This might be the answer.


So is there a car that earlier than 90 that shed all of it’s straight lines? And and risked full 90s fashion?

I guess you could say Porsche was ahead of the game because it never gave into the 80s trends. If you’re never trendy you’ll always be fashionable.


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