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Who has $3 million I can borrow?

Y’all know I’m Oppo’s resident Golden Girls aficionado.

Well, the house used for exterior shots of the house they lived in is for sale! The show took place in Miami and was filmed in Hollywood, but the house used for their home is at 245 N. Saltair Avenue in Los Angeles.


Season 1 used actual photos of the house. Seasons 2 through 7 used a facade replica of the house built at Walt Disney World. It was demolished in 2003.

The interior looks nothing like the set they used, but it’s still pretty cool. I’d imagine the current owners are selling because they’re tired of the tourists posing in front of it for photographs.


Have a photo of me in my custom Golden Girls mask from Redbubble. It gets quite a few looks when I’m in the grocery store.

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Photo: I mean, it’s a damn selfie.

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