I got out of work a little early today and decided to take a stroll through the Copart yard across the street. This Magnum immediately snagged my attention and brought back fond memories of the black ‘05 RT I used to own. So, I walked over, even though I didn’t see a Hemi badge on the fender... I peeked in the window- clean leather interior? VIS? NAG1 trans? Lemme look at the back... R/T badge?! Corsa exhaust?! YIIISSSS!!!

Copart only lists “mechanical damage”. A quick VIN search shows it was recently sold at auction in Cali, and the auction also lists mechanical damage, but says it starts. The only major mechanical issue these early Hemi LX cars are known for is the occasional tendency for the engine to drop a valve seat around 75,000-125,000 miles. This one’s right at 88,000. Obviously that would not be a desirable outcome, but these things aren’t terribly difficult to work on or find a replacement engine for.


I’m thinking of throwing down a $1200-ish bid. Are there lots of hidden fees? Do things tend to go for more than expected? Should I run away?


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