So a thought came to me while doing these live updates of the Formula 1 testing, who really does have the best job in Formula 1? Is it the drivers? The team owners? Old man muppet Bernie? Maybe the reporters? Nope, not a single one of them.

(Hell no)

Let me explain real quick before I get to who really does have the best job. The drivers have probably the best job baring one. The reason they don't get the top spot, and this is taken individually, is because of all the rules and regulations they have to follow. They also have to show up for appearances and risk their lives on race weekends. Sure they get paid well and get to drive the pinnicale of automobiles, but it just doesn't balance out. Driving around Formula 1 cars is a great job, but not the best.


What about the team owners? Most are super rich, have houses in Monaco, and get to run a Formula 1 team which is pretty cool. But, they also have to deal with getting sponsors, keeping sponsors happy, wrangling teams and drivers, and the ever important money train that goes straight out the door. This is a position that requires a fortitude that takes it too out of the running.

Same thing with the reporters, super challenging and always have to be on their game, never getting a real rest. They do get to be up close and personal with the drivers, teams, and the ever important cars, but they aren't the one that is having the most fun. Don't even get me started on why Bernie doesn't take the top spot. But who does, who has the best job in formula 1? I'll give you a hint, he's Scottish and not Sir Jackie Stewart. Give up?


This man, David Coulthard. He rose in the ranks of Formula 1 when he was at McLaren, partnered with the great Mika Hakkinen, and now Coulthard is Formula 1's man about town. He does everything fun conceivable that happens and can happen in Formula 1 without any of the hassle or worry that any of the other people who work in Formula 1 do. This realization came about when watching a video Coulthard and Hakkinen did for McLaren.

He got to come back to Silverstone with Mika and driver around 4 separate championship winning cars! This video made me think of all the other awesome things Coulthard has done lately. How about the donuts on top of the helicopter pad in Dubai?

Or running the new Circuit of the Americas before it was paved in the RB9?

He gets to interview whoever he wants when walking the grid. He also has hung out with Hamilton and went up together in fighter planes. The man is having the time of his life! He doesn't have to worry about injury during race weekends. He still gets to pilot ridiculous machines. He doesn't have to be concerned with sponsorships or anything, he makes appearances when he wants to, and gets to coach young drivers. He has all the benefits of being a Formula 1 driver with none of the responsibility. David Coulthard is the man.


I'm getting more and more pumped for this season of Formula 1, and getting to go back to COTA and witnessing them in person. If you haven't gone, try to go, its as close to a religious experience as car guys can have. Last year I met Romain Grosjean, this year after watching all of Coulthard's videos and listening to him speak he's the man I most want to meet. He seems like a super nice guy and truly passionate about the sport. Mr. Coulthard, as a fellow petrolhead I salute you sir; you are living the dream that we all want to live.

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