Who Hates Smoked/Tinted Tail Lights?

I do.

I found these installed on a brand new C7 in my commuter garage back in March.


As dangerous and silly as tinted lights are, the one good thing about this mod is that (in the past) the owners usually had to buy a new set, or tint them themselves, so it was relatively rare.

After I saw these, I was a little disappointed to see how easy it had become. This was a brand-new car. Curious to see how much they were, I found the vendor.


Add a stealthy and sleek look with these exclusive Corvette Mods blackout tail light covers. Each of our kits are made using smoked 1/16" acrylic. The unique look of these covers will take your Corvette from intimidating to menacing.

Each acrylic lens fits over the entire tail light assembly inside of the trim bezel. No removal is required. 100% peel and stick.


Not wanting him to be rear-ended in his brand-new Corvette, I did what I could.


It took four months, but it worked. I had been worrying about this poor Corvette for months, and was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.


I should leave him a thank you note.

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