Seriously — they seem to be even cheaper than early 90s Explorers.  Even a daily-driver-condition 78 or 79 rarely tops out over $4000 lately.  

If only I could convince my wife it would not be a ridiculously bad idea to buy one, and I could justify single-digit fuel economy for an 18-mile commute to and from work, I would have a 78 or 79 like this one.

They're big, simple, and dead-on reliable.  Sure, buying tires sucks because you need at least a 31x10.5 to not look ridiculous, and they ravenously drink dead dinosaurs.  My dad's 79 had over 300,000 miles before harsh PA winters without rustproofing killed it in 1996.

However, since I drive to work I'll have to keep the Honda wagon.