You can map out the distance I walked at Iola on Saturday, using this handy map and 200ft markings.

I parked in the grass on the top left of the image off Pierce Street, walked past where the “Iola Old Car Show” text is, stopped at a toilet, then proceeded to walk between EVERY vendor stand in the swap meet, as cordoned off by the gravel, paved, and grass paths you can see beaten into the ground between highway J to the South and East, State street to the North, the buildings to the East and that “... Ridge Rd” with the little cul de sac at the end. Oh, and I walked to the east of the barn off of J there.

You may ignore that spot of grass below the “Iola Old Car Show” text... that’s where the car show portion was. I walked it, but I can’t remember if it was 4 times south to north, or 6. It might have been 8. Lotsa cars.

Picture dump coming tomorrow.