Who is Oppo's Favorite Suicide Girl?

Taking poll suggestions on Oppo's favorite Suicide Girl. This hopefully should be much more straightforward than Oppo's crush.

If you're not familiar with Suicide Girls, beware, Googling "Suicide Girls" is NSFW. If you're not familiar with Suicide Girls' mission statement here it is: "Everywhere you look TV, Movies and Advertising are shoving the same photocopied version of beauty down your throat. Suicide Girls was created to demonstrate that beauty comes in many forms, not a single cookie cutter shape and look. What some people think makes is strange or weird or fucked up we think is what makes us beautiful."

I can change the headline to NSFW upon request. Let's try to keep it fairly SFW if we can. This could easily get out of hand but I think it will be fun. GO!

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