I finally have an A B comparison of how a car tests without a catalytic converter and then with one.

This really nice customer brought in his ‘88 Jimmy he bought out of state. I pulled it in and I couldn’t even breathe in the shop. Granted I have asthma, but I shouldn’t have to reach for my respirator.

So I smog it and find out it’s missing a catalytic converter. And just look at those numbers (at the top.) It’s so bad it’s classified as a Gross Polluter. That’s BAD.


Then he came back today and I was able to breathe in the shop. And look at those numbers! And I asked him how it drives and he said there was zero difference.

Please be considerate of others breathing the air your car inhabits and keep the proper emission components on. Deleting the catalytic converter does nothing but advertise what a terrible person you are. And you’re also choking yourself out.