Tonight’s plan - Lay down trim in my bedroom. My saw is dull, and I picked the fancy, super thick, non-particle board trim so.... This is going to be a long night. Full of character building! Why is the saw dull, you ask? Because I used it for all the flooring in my condo.

Will update so Oppo doesn’t miss any of the ACTION

6:18 update: bare, non-fancy wall and door frame. I’ve made four cuts in about 45 minutes and am ready to die mentally, physically and spiritually. No mistakes yet because I’m a strong believer in the “measure twice, cut once, fuck it up and make it presentable with filler and paint” method of carpentry.


6:50 update: I found three tools to make this job so much easier. Trim nails, my nail set, and booze. One piece of trim is nailed down, one more is cut to size. The top corner piece on the door could reaaaaally use an extra millimeter but I’ll make it work. Still have to paint my door to match the accent wall, but I wanted to do something with all the trim in my living room first... (6:52 mini update: one beer down)

7:13 update: FUCKKKKKK. Apparently measuring by eye isn’t the most accurate method. I need an extra inch (har har). Trick-or-treater’s showed up, and I didn’t realize I had a saw in my hand until a kid complimented my handyman costume. Phew! Safe


7:48 update: Not. Too. Shabby.

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