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who or what is Falcon supercars???

based in Holly Michigan they have a model called the F7



retails at 295k

Body: Complete, lightweight carbon fiber/kevlar panel construction. This includes all outer fuselage panels as well as inner and structural panels for maximum weight savings, quality and durability.
Chassis Layout: Lightweight, extremely rigid, Aluminum/Carbon Fiber/Kevlar monocoque chassis
Engine: 427 cubic inch LS-7 engine featuring Lingenfelter high performance components (cam,springs, etc) and carbon fiber (Carbon XR) dual plenum intake system rated at 620 HP. Includes dry sump oil system.
Gearbox: Heavy duty, high performance 6 speed transaxle with dual disc clutch system.
Weight: 2850 lbs
Suspension: Penske High performance coil over pushrod suspension
Brakes: Brembo Carbon/ceramic disc brakes, 6 piston 15.5" rotor Front. 4 piston 15" rotor Rear
Wheels/Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires 20"forgeline wheels specific for Falcon (10" front 13" rear)
Accessories: • Leather interior with billet gauge surrounds and knobs • 4 speaker CD stereo with Bluetooth for hands free calling • iPad mini in-dash to handle GPS, music library and other systems. • Air conditioning • Power windows and key-less ignition • Removable targa roof panel
Other Key Features: • Dry sump oil system • Carbon Fiber dual plenum intake system • Gasoline swirl tank • Exposed carbon fiber weave throughout vehicle including underside of hood, wheel wells, inner doors, deck-lid structure, storage boxes, sill panels, front spoiler and door sills • Durable, woven fabric infused composite fuselage • Lightweight forged aluminum control arms and spindle knuckles at all wheels • ISIS wiring and management system • Integrated roll hoop • High performance, lightweight adjustable back racing style leather seats

i have never heard of these guys and i was wondering if anyone else has.

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