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First up we have the car eyelashes of the brodozer scene, ANGRY EYE Jeep people. Owners of these most certainly will drive like complete and total cockbags on the road, will park with one wheel up on the curb, snow pile, or mound of dirt in the parking lot. Mostly the ANGRY EYES are found on newer 4-door models with automatic transmissions and not a spec of dirt to be found anywhere. You are also likely to see SlutLife or “Black Jeep Of The Family” stickers on the back window or spare tire cover. Truly awful people, but are they worse than...

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FAKE RAPTOR GRILLE people? The ///M stripes of the truck community, the cheap and shitty knockoff Raptor grilles can be found on F-150’s ranging from the late 90’s to present day. This champagne of beer crowd will usually adorn their trucks with at least one Glock sticker, one Blue Lives Matter sticker, and a MAGA hat on the dashboard. Bonus points for Bushwacker fender flares stuck above stock wheels and tires.

So, who’s worse?

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