Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I was surprised to come up on these homes from one of my customers. I was so certain they couldn’t POSSIBLY be his that I drove by them twice. “Well the GPS says... nawww couldn’t be.” I had to call him, “Hey are these yours?” “Yeah!” “No, really.”

This is from the guy who builds those ramblers I’ve posted often on here. Basically builds the same three varieties of 3bd 2b ramblers with big garages and wide driveways. The layout and touches felt very... 1990s. Almost all the buyers were in their early sixties, even some much older.

These aesthetics in mind, it makes some sense why he told me that his homes were selling very slowly this year — even in this hot (but currently plummeting) market. The market for a new, inconspicuous but still expensive rambler is not strong. I personally would happily take one of his ramblers, but as always I’m not the target audience.


So he M O D E R N E D it up on this one — but he didn’t overdo it... fintail’s cold analysis notwithstanding. But there aren’t 16 types of siding!


Most importantly, the bottom floor is all garage. Oversized 2-car with 8' tall doors. No one does 8' tall doors! Compare to that 73" header I posted last week... [shivvers]


And look at this: a USEABLE deck that’s actually covered! Rooftop modern homes that I often post look cool, but for 8 months a year you’ll wish you had a roof over your head.


The floor plan is simple and functional. Kitchen, living room powder room mid level; 3 (total) bedrooms upstairs with a master suite and hall bath.

Even the master bath is simplified. A thingie in each corner and a clean shower pan design.


House isn’t too far along, so not too much to share in the interior... But how bout this propeller fan!?



Anyway, I hope these sell quickly for him. Nice guy.

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