Until I moved to Colorado 14 years ago, I'd always had motorcycles. Dirt bikes, enduros, sport bikes. If there's one thing riding on the street teaches you, it's defensive awareness. On a motorcycle, you KNOW that nobody sees you.

Cars have been a bit of a different story for me. Not that I haven't driven defensively, but I've generally felt a lot more conspicuous in my car. I've had small cars before without many problems, but my Miata most have amazing powers of invisibility. This past weekend, I was nearly nailed about 10 different times on a trip to the pet store to get some dog food. But it's not just that trip, every time I'm driving, my head's on a swivel because people either don't see the Miata, or they're so enraged by its existence that they are purposely trying to obliterate it. That hasn't been the case in the Tundra, GC, or the FoST. I guess the FoST must not be small enough.

Anyone else suffer from invisibility?