Who steals the month?!

I arrive home from work last Thursday, go around the back of my car to take out the cans I bring home for the lad so he can turn them in for a little extra cash, and I notice a shiny patch of aluminum where my month sticker used to be on my license plate.

I always cut the year stickers after applying, old habit my step dad passed on to me, so if someone tries to peel them off, they will just get tiny pieces and it won’t be worth the effort. I guess if you have a blade of some sort though, you can just take the paint (or it might be a big reflective sticker over the whole plate) the month/year stickers are on, and get the whole thing.

Then what? Glue that to your plate?

They left most of the N though, so they now have a nice JA they can... Use in a ransom note built from various letters/sources, add to their cool 80s denim jacket with all the buttons. Perhaps their initials are J.A.


Maybe they just really wanted to yell “YES” in German without having to speak.

DMV sends your reg and sticker every year, provided you pay of course, but only the year sticker is typically required. I guess I’ll head on over to dmv.ca.gov to find out what I have to go through to get a replacement month sticker.

How many forms, how many lines, how long of a wait, how much money?

I hope that JA is exactly what you needed to feel complete, and that you never experience that completeness again.


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