Looking outside our construction office (glorified trailer), I saw a late '90s dark green Chevy Suburban parked at an odd angle in our parking lot, nose-in near a temporary toilet that we had sitting to use at another job site, meaning it was still on-rent but not in use. I walk over to it and knock on the door and to my surprise someone is using the damn thing!

Sure enough, a guy steps out in a fluorescent vest and asks how I'm doing, to which I reply "is that your fucking toilet?" Apparently the utility contractors working on the road in front of our office have been using it off-and-on during the past week. It's not getting serviced and there is no TP in it what are they wiping with!?!? He story was, he had some wet boots and put them on some airport barriers next to our shed (behind our office, wtf?) and decided to use the facilities while he was picking them up. After explaining you can't just use things that don't belong to you ("if that car was unlocked would you got and drive it? No? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SHITTING IN MY TOILET!?") I told him to get the fuck out of my parking lot, to which I got a lot of head-shaking and grumbling.

The door is now zip-tied shut, and I'm racking my brain as to how they managed to clean themselves.