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Who wants to recommend me some good rallycross cars?

I am pretty much dead set on getting a rallycross car. Hopefully my friend is onboard next year when we will go full force in! Now to rallycross I need a car. Rules: fairly sporty, RWD, manual, cheap(both in price and parts)! Here are a few thoughts I have had.



Why? Well it is midengined, so basically it is an 037. I get a supercharged one(probably not) then I in fact have an 037.



Rotaries make for fun times. Plus I think they would be fun to own. Adding oil every 10 miles. Killing more seals than BP. FUN!



Are they cheap? No idea(trying to keep this below 1 to 1.5k if I can). But a rally BMW is worth so many hipster points.

Foxbody Mustang?


Ah, yes please. Although can they be had for cheap? No need for a V8 just an engine to make it move through dirt.

If you could, can you suggest some more? Pleeeeaassssseee. Anyway, I am out for the night.

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