Since you guys are doing the most lametastic shit themeday (A colour? Seriously? The second day in a row? And then you choose one that by definition isn't even a colour, moreso the lack thereof!) the only way to contribute was for me to tease you with something you can't have.

This is the Cupra (short for Cup Racing) version of Seat's current Leon that they are going to present at this year's Geneva Auto Show. It's basically a GTI with some Spanish herbs and spices sprinkled over it.


For some weird reason there will be two engine tunes available, 265 or 280 hp. Why they offer two versions of VW's 2.0L TSI which are even priced very close to each other is beyond me.

Anyways, they reach 100 kph in less than 6 seconds (5.7 - 5.9, 0.1 seconds difference between the engines and/or between DSG or manual) and are limited to 250 kph.

Starting prices are a tad higher than that of the GTI, but so is the base trim. All in all, you get a faster car, with much more interesting styling, for around the same money. Who could say no to that? Show of hands? Yeah, figured that.

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