I'm walking home through my dad's neighborhood when a ridiculously loud E92 335i drives through. It sounds like he's at WOT in a turbodiesel MB and I nearly yell profanities before seeing that he's moving at a reasonable pace down the narrow street. (BMWs should not sound like dying cats!)

To preface, my Calc teacher lives 2 blocks away. It's a massive, primarily townhouse community. I'm failing Calc BC quite badly, as in Fs on every test. I can't be bothered to give a shit about school anymore, but that's a topic for another day. Anyways, he has a very noticeable Wisconsin accent and his wife is from Minnesota. He is on paternity leave as his wife just had a baby and has seen my rather... fucking terrible scores sent by the temp replacement. This rabid sounding douchemobile turns onto a road with both sides lined by townhouses which happens to be where I spotted this teacher one morning. The sound echoes and luckily, just as I pass that street, hear a distinctly Minnesota accent, and see my math teacher and his wife who he has likely told about the moronic kid he had to put up with, I manage to duck around an obscured sidewalk perpendicular to me and escape recognition. Nailed it.