I got off work a little bit early today, since since it’s nice and cool outside I thought I’d spend a little time with the Mustang. It now looks like this:

At the start of the day, it didn’t have doors, fenders, or a front bumper. It still kinda doesn’t have fenders or a front bumper, those are hanging on there with a total of 8 bolts. I still have to attach the fenders at the rear, and then the bumper to the fenders.

The doors, however, are on there to stay...except that the passenger side needs new pins, it sags a lot. Honestly, they could probably both use new pins, but now I know it’s relatively easy to get the doors on and off, so that’s no big deal. Also, there’s no passenger seat in it right now, so why do I even need to open the passenger door?

I also did this the other day:


Inside, I’m missing a few pieces: a-pillar trim, kick panels, and the column trim. And the dash pad doesn’t fit very well, and is a totally different shade of blue than the rest of the interior (a common problem when trying to achieve one color in several different materials). But besides all that, it’s a real gem!

Actually, more than ever I’m feeling pretty good about the car. It’s definitely worth more than what I paid for it, so that’s cool. It just needs a little more attention, and then it’ll already be better than half the Fox Mustangs you see on any given day. It should be noted however that that says less about my car than it does about the average Fox Mustang.