Welcome to the Nismo smart watch. It looks like everything the Apple iWatch will be: sleek, functional and sexy albeit rather large. If you're a skinny guy like me, this will look rather weird on your wrist.

It integrates with your smart phone and driving app (assume Nissan has one?) much like my Pebble does but it also integrates with the vehicle telematics like the recently announced BMW telematics Apps do.

It also has integrated biometric sensors that will tell you to calm down when the old lady in the Cayenne Turbo cuts you off at the intersection.

I haven't seen much info on the tech details but the estimated 7 days of battery life indicate an e-ink display rather than LCD/LED.


The video intro shows a twitter icon on the main screen. If you like to drive your GT-R very fast on normal roads, I recommend you disable this feature.