Okay let me update you with a follow-up to yesterday's story. After taking Joy for a spin earlier today, it became obvious to me that the carb swap did nothing to improve the situation. I'm still getting the exact same symptoms as before, which are fuel starvation after it gets hot and flooding of the carb after you let it cool down a bit, (but not completely.)

Now, mattp123 suggested that it might be a bad fuel pump, so you now what I did?! I fucking bought a new pump, just like that! Aaaaaand it didn't help at all... FUCK! (absolutely don't blame matt in any way for my wrongly spent 40$, it was a very plausible cause)

Okay so here's the scenario; there's something wrong with the fuel system, which keeps fuel from reaching the carb and sometimes also floods the carb. The engine only works good a couple of minutes when cold. Now from what I concluded; it ain't the carb, it ain't the pump, it ain't the fuel filter or the fuel lines, so what the hell is it?! I' am seriously loosing my mind here! The only thing I can think of is that the return line from the pump has been plugged. Maybe it is possible that it causes too much pressure in it or something. Any thoughts?

Help me Oppo. You're my only hope!