Sometimes I don’t know what to eat, and I end up at Whole Foods’ flagship downtown store, which usually has three (threeeeeee) kinds of mac and cheese (if not more, as I’ve seen an additional bacon version before, too). Of course I usually end up with all three mac and cheeses in one box*. Duh.

Here’s a semi-useless ranking.

3. Sun-dried tomato and basil? mac and cheese: I don’t remember what this was called, to be honest—besides the fact that it was supposed to have sun-dried tomatoes in it, but it really just looked pestoey more than anything. The sauce was more alfredolike than a good mac and cheese should be. A little bland. Not much pesto/greens coming through. Clearly the weakest of the three.

2. Five-cheese mac and cheese: Old reliable. Great with hot sauce on it. Any kind of hot sauce, really. There is no possible way that this could not be good unless you hate good things.

1. Hatch chile mac and cheese: This needs no hot sauce. There are peppers in the cheese, and it is good. This is a lazy woman’s special. Of course it’s good with more hot sauce on it—it’s a mac and cheese. But I wouldn’t need it. It is perfection—all that mac and cheese should ever hope to be.

*exception: bacon; but we’ve been over my aversion to salty pigness before

Photo credit: Yelp from tha D (why no one’s ever captured our end-cap of cheesiness, I’ll never know, but you get the idea)


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