Did the mile in 6:28! Now that might not sound that fast, but it’s great for me considering it’s been close to a year since my last high school track season ended.

I am currently a bloated version of my past self. I gained 35 pounds coming to college (scarcity of food around the house durning the summer off set my lack of exercise). Now I’m in a jogging and conditioning class, which I figure I’ll have to run if my grade depends on it.

I came in 3rd place in my class which is great considering how much extra weight I’m carrying and how much heart burn I’ve started to have. Also I’ve maintained my flexibility (highest in the class with 15 fitness grams on the sit and reach), and my muscular endurance (push up test, did 30 at a slow pace).

I’m still have a runner’s high, even thought I ran about an hour ago. It just feels so great to get back into it. Sorry if I sound like I’m bragging but I’m just so excited!