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I now know what it’s like to blow up an ignition coil...

The 931 has had no spark since it broke down a couple months back and following the factory manual, there should be a short between the ignition coil and starter solenoid. Just to be sure the coil wasn’t the problem, I did a simple test. By connecting a wire from the battery straight to the coil, theoretically there would be no reason for the car not to get spark now because of the direct voltage source. The ignition would be consistently ON unless I disconnected the bypass.


During the 10-15 minute test, not only did I get no spark, on the fourth crank test, the coil just popped. That black ooze came out from a hole and made a small mess, also the coil was hotter than hell; possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever touched. I’m clueless as to why this happened so if anyone could explain where my testing went wrong, thanks.

On the bright side, once it’s replaced I can cross it off the list of potential problems.

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