This video came from another dashcammer in my area. Omaha city law states that vehicles in a funeral procession always have right-of-way, even at red lights. However, almost any procession you see will have at least 3 escort cars, one leading and two more blocking the intersections further along. This is why. Legally, the Mitsubishi would be at fault, but I can totally see where they might not have seen or expected the Malibu to come through, espeically with a view that was at least partially blocked and no escort car present. The poster states that only one escort car was present, and while I don’t know the laws regarding how many are needed, I wouldn’t be too pleased to see this video if I was the funeral home. Mercifully, no collision occurred. Note: In Nebraska, a normal funeral procession is escorted by designated cars, which do have certain privileges of an emergency vehicle but which are not police cars.