Forget the Duesenbergs and Bugattis and Talbot Lagos; this is the car to look for.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m going to be driving to Michigan next week with my brother and dad for the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s in Plymouth. I will be up there for all three days of the event (Friday-Sunday) and would love to meet as many fellow Oppos as possible. I know a few of you have said that the potential for bad weather has you on the fence about going, but if you are going to be there, let me know. When you get there, look for our white X3 with Nebraska plates and the OPPO sticker in the back window. We may try to visit the Henry Ford Museum while we’re in the area. Also, we’re driving from Detroit to St. Louis immediately following the show, so if you’re in St. Louis and want to say “Hi,”, let me know that as well. Like I said, I’ll be with my family, but they are also cool and totally not scam artists or kidnappers...I hope.