I bought some boots from a company in Oregon in the fall, I bought them despite being way more expensive than similar boots because they seemed like the kind of company to build quality stuff and stand behind it.

I’ve really liked them.

7 months later the tread is coming unglued as it wraps around the toe. It’s not bad, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better and they have a year warranty.


I sent them back (to their credit they eventually offered to pay the shipping even though I didn’t buy them from their store)

I didn’t hear from them for a week, they decided to credit an account they made for me on their store...without telling me. I find out when I email what the deal is. Annoying, but okay, they are going to stand behind them, I’ll just order a brand new pair and...

Oh, they don’t make them anymore in my size.


Their solution?

“Yeah those are discontinued, how about you buy really tall boots instead at a price premium? Or these really ugly ones that no one wanted...we still have tons of those. Or how about a boot that looks nothing like you ordered are ugly and aren’t waterproof?”


Yeah...no. I bought these for a reason...I wouldn’t have sent them back to you if I didn’t expect the same boots to come back to me. They didn’t offer to repair mine or even give me a choice. Now I have store credit and nothing I want to buy.

I can still buy them in the marketplace but they don’t take Daner dollars.

have a winter vehicle thing for your time.

Hoping they will issue some kind of credit to allow me to buy them from a store that has them and is local to me.


UPDATE: They will give me a 40% discount on a much more expensive boot, its not what I want, but it is a huge step up in quality


this is what I had/want

This is what they are willing to offer me a deal on


its a heavier and heavier duty actual hiking boot that’s mid high (which isn’t really want I wanted originally) but it’s fully rebuildable and made in house which is kinda what I am looking for. The one above wasn’t wearing great after 7 months of use.

The out of pocket difference is about $30.


Also torn between colors


I’m kinda digging the mink oil (pictured)


Going for the mink oil. The top ones are a weird kind of leather that does funny things and they are backordered. plus im kinda linking the dark color. con/pro though, these don’t have a waterproof membrane...which is the reason I bought hikers in the first place.  On the other hand, I live in the desert and the waterproof thing was mostly for an Alaska trip that didn’t rain.  I think in the dry heat, the dri-lex may be the better choice, and I can just waterproof the leather with nix-wax products I already have.

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