Who's right? Highly doubt this Stagea is legal...

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A Nissan Stagea was spotted in a local car spotting group on facebook.


Me: Wisconsin plates... not even legal yet. This is why the feds crush gray imports.


Owner: Lol cluesless kids talking shit on stuff they know nothing about.


Okay, which of the four legal ways did you use to import? http://jalopnik.com/here-are-the-f… It’s not 25 years old. Probably not eligible for show and display, which is usually for ultra rare supercars. Did you crash test it? Did you petition Nissan? Just because you have it registered by the local DMV doesn’t mean it’s legal on the federal level. I’ll be genuinely impressed if this is legal.



Owner: Do your research and figure it out. I have all the paperwork i need on my car. But yes it is a fed legal car under those exemptions


Owner: Ps i know far more on importing shit than u think you know by googling so really no need to spout off bs and make claims without knowing anything on a car..

Owner: No you really cant learn everything by googling... Experience is key. Same thing as in the real world. Just because you read a book doesnt make u good at something. I read a book on how to fly planes by i bet your ass if you put me in the pilot seat that plane is gonna crash land lol


Me: Fine. Be secretive about it like the typical owner of a sub 25 year old gray import. There’s a ton of info online, been reading it for years. Nice car either way. I shouldn’t be questioning such a car’s legality anyway, unless it’s (gray imports in general) being sold to unaware buyers with questionable legality. Just don’t want more of them crushed by the feds, which my previous comment is not helping.

Owner: stop reading so much. Call a registered importer and call US customs and department of homeland security. Talk with them and they will guide you. One thing to remember the government wants their money. You get them money and they will get you pretty much whatever you want.


Me: Well that’s interesting. Thanks for the different perspective.

(End comments)

Big guy in the local stance community. Probably owns a shop or something. Still doubt he can afford to crash test it. I don’t get why owners of gray imports act so defensive about how they import their cars and why they’re so secretive about the process. Preserve the value of their car by keeping people ignorant so they don’t import one themselves?


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