I’m pretty positive I would have been cited for “following too closely,” but I’m curious if I could have gotten out of it. Anyway, yesterday I was driving in the rain, just daydreaming about the Mustang in front of me, when all of a sudden - BOOM. Luckily I was already staring at the car, because he plowed into the Accord in front of him. Went from about 45mph to a dead stop. I slammed on my brakes almost instantly, and came skidding to a stop within inches of his bumper. The driver was obviously distracted, because I never saw brake lights until after the impact. So I’m wondering whether I would have been at fault if I did hit him. Following at a safe distance hardly means anything when there’s never a warning of a sudden stop.

On a side note, this is the thing my dashcam lost when all the files got corrupted.