So my current financial circumstances are changing, forcing me now not only to sell my RSTi project car but possibly my BRZ as well unless I can find work that not only grants me enough time for school, but also pays enough for me to afford the payments for the BRZ. I have until the end of next month before I decide what to do. I have a car I can drive for a few months If I sell the BRZ but not something I want to drive long term.

This brings me to the 2003 WRX. Looking on craigslist in my area i was able to find a few in my area for reasonable prices and mileage. I also like the 03 WRX, because it still has the ej20 turbo engine, which is less prone to head gasket failure. I don't mind picking up a lightly modified one, as long as the title is clean and the mileage is below about 150k, I have enough experience working on Subarus to know my way around the engine bay and the rest of the drivetrain, and am able to fix most minor stuff like head-gaskets, and timing belts. What I really want to know is how they drive and what sort of stuff crops up in the long run. Also as far as body style goes I'm looking at the sedan over the wagon it just kind of grew on me.

And don't worry if I get one I don't plan on lowering it I'll probably actually jack it up another 2 inches or so.