So I’ve discovered my lady friend and her mother very much fall into the stereotype when it comes to knowing about cars. Lady friend doesn’t even really know how to do basics, except check fluids that is. I’m fine with this, I’m in the process of teaching her. This Thursday night she will be helping me replace a caliper, rotors, brake pads, and do an oil change on my car and an oil change on her car. However I have hit one big snag. I am planning on buying a broken down XJ off of her mother and they cannot remember what they were told what is wrong with it. Honest to god two different people told them two different things. You won’t believe this, one said the transmission is out(possible) and the other said blown head gasket(most likely, it’s a 2000). I am a bit frustrated but for the price of the thing I could afford to do both with used parts and still be ahead on what a similar one would cost.

Jeep with my planned mods for your pleasure