Do I constantly have to remind my boss/part-owner-of-company/graphic designer that if we are going to offer a “production ready” design produced by a subcontractor to a customer for a customized product to be put into immediate use we have to actually own the font(s) that’s used in the design?


I had to literally stand over his shoulder and ask “soooo... which fonts did [our subcontractor] use in these? do we OWN those fonts?” and wait while he searched all his archives and called the designer (because we only got EPSs from him and not editable vector files like AI or SVG or almost ANYTHING ELSE) to ask and then figured out the cheapest place to buy them and called his partner to figure out if we were going to pass on the cost of the fonts to the customer...

I sometimes honnestly have no idea how this place remains profitable... it does... but seriously.