Why is it that the worse the weather gets, the dumber drivers get? Its currently raining down ice here. Work closed early, kids after-school activities closed early, and while the roads are somewhat decent and salted, the driveways and parking lots are skating rinks. As was my car until I scraped it. ANYWAYS.

On my drive home most people were taking it easy, and I appreciate it. I was too. Kinda.

But then there was the asshat who parked with his trailer sticking out into traffic, even though he had room. Then there was the driver that CROSSED THE CENTER LINE forcing me to move over in my lane to the shoulder, just because HE was giving the parked cable installer’s van more room than was needed while passing it. I passed it too a little earlier. I didn’t have to swing wide across the road...

Oh, and need to make a left turn? Why not just STOP in the middle of the road without an indicator on? Good thing no one was behind them, but as an oncoming driver, I was VERY confused as to why they were stopped.

And I know sometimes its hard to get going on slippery off ramps and side streets, but you should at least TRY to stop when there is oncoming traffic, not blatantly run the stop sign and jaunt across the highway, only to make the next left.... ALL WHILE NOT INDICATING.

Fuck I’m glad to be home in one piece, the rest of my ice covered car thawing in the garage.