I haven’t written a restaurant post in a while. So, sounds about right for me to write a post that is going to get flamed hard spark good discussion eh?

First off, let me make something perfectly clear. I’m talking about ACTUAL cafes. NOT Starbucks styled to look like them (iPhones and Ugg boots come to mind)

So, first off. What IS a cafe. Let go why my definition, shall we?

A café is a light-weight, lightly-powered building optimized for speed and coffee rather than endless breadsticks — and optimized for quick rides over venti distances.[1][2] With bodywork and control layout recalling early 1960's Paris (a complete shitthole), cafés are noted for their low slung racing cups, prominent seat cowling and elongated coffee makers, often with indentations to allow the rider’s knees to grip the straw

So, in a nutshell, they are buildings made to race coffee.