This whole post is almost funny considering my last post that ended with me nearly having an anxiety attack and having to leave a drive-thru because I was worried about my car being damaged.

So I let my dad drive my car and we were running some errands around town, when we decided that we should get gas. My dad went to pull up to an empty pump but the truck using the one in front of it was so big that we wouldn't have been able to fit, so we were going to go around the truck and to the other side of the station where more empty pumps awaited. As we're about to go around, we notice there is a lady in an SUV blocking the entire side of the gas station because she has decided to line up behind previously mentioned giant truck. This leaves us in a somewhat precarious position, but we decide to backup and go back the other way.

He checks his mirrors and looks, I look, we see nothing. We start backing up. It's all going well until . . . grinding metal. He immediately stops. My heart stops. I look to the left and there's a metal pole. My dad immediately starts apologizing and I flatly state "it's okay" before going into a near-catatonic state (think Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off). We get home and see this.

I'm guessing the left exterior/interior fenders will have to be replaced, I looked it up and unless I was looking at the wrong parts, they'll total out to about $160. There's also some minor paint damage to the door, and I'm guessing that can be taken care of fairly easily with paint (I'm guessing, I don't know. I'm still sort of beside myself). The body shop I prefer and I know does great work doesn't open until Monday and I'm taking it in for an estimate then. Any ideas on how much this will set me back? Does it look like something that can be fixed and I'll never notice it happened? Will I ever be the same? (ha)


Also, if anyone saw my Meguiar's ScratchX 2.0 post, we had just picked that up before we went to the gas station. Irony.


So going off of mkbruin's advice, I decided to see how much ScratchX would help, and it actually did a ton. It took all of the white paint off and touched up the door to the point where it looks 100% again. Unfortunately, taking the white paint off the fender also revealed that black paint was missing, so I'll still have to get that replaced, but knowing the door is 100% is a huge relief.