All I’m doing is my job! And it’s not even hard! If the car has aftermarket catalytic converters, then you check to make sure they’re legal in California. Same for modifications. It’s not that fucking hard!

Yet my boss, and it seems every other smog technician in this state can’t even do those two simple things.

I just failed a ‘97 Lexus LX450. You know, a Toyota Land Cruiser with false teeth. But it had a TRD supercharger on it, and while that would have been legal on an actual Toyota Land Cruiser, the registration on this car says “Lexus LX450,” so legally, I CAN’T PASS IT. But somehow it’s passed smog in California for the last fifteen years.

Oh and then I look under the car to check the catalytic converters and I find it has two completely illegal catalytic converters. So even if I ignored the supercharger and told myself it really is a Toyota, the car still shouldn’t have been passing before with those catalytic converters.

So now I get to be the asshole, and it’s fucking annoying.

At least in this case, though, the guy just bought it, so I told him the easiest thing to do is to unwind the deal and get his money back. In California, the SELLER is responsible for getting a car to pass smog, even if they sold it “as is.” Even if he has to go to small claims court it’s very easy to get a judgment against someone. But people can EASILY avoid this by doing just thirty seconds of research online or by calling the DMV to find out what to do when making a big purchase like a car.


And I get it, the rules and regulations when it comes to smog checks in Calfornia can be incredibly stupid, but when I can be charged with a felony, and slapped with a fine starting at $5,000, PLUS losing my license, I’m not going to take matters into my own hands.