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Why am I awake

Some of you might remember me from my introductory post a few weeks ago asking for advice on my US trip.

Well it's 3:35am here in Los Angeles right now so about 19 hours since I arrived in the US and it's been amazing. I think Seattle is the most beautiful city in the world (in my limited, 17 year old experience) and I find it generally amazing how the suburbs here in the west coast at least are so close to nature. Our place in Seattle was basically in the middle of a forest (Sammamish) and here I can see Big Bear from my bedroom window. All in all great and cold weather's pretty nice too.


My uncle got a 2014 Accord V6 with 6000 miles from Carmax. It's loaded to the gills and drives really smooth. Still getting used to the long distances though- took an 80 mile drive to Irvine and I'm pretty done with the freeways.

While I'm here I've been thinking of learning driving. There's a 90s Infiniti with a V6 lying around, the I30 I think. It's got 320k on it and apparently runs terribly but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Hope it goes well. Happy Monday everyone!

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