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Why am I not surprised in the least... (No Spoilers)

...that the new Ghostbusters movie was dumpster fire. (There are a ton of spoilers in the youtube review though)

I truly am sad that it turned out the way, but the previews looked absolutely atrocious.


I am a massive fan of the series and when I heard they were making a new one I was stoked. I was even happy with who they picked. I’m not a huge Melissa McCarthy fan, but she has her moments and being paired up with Wiig and McKinnon I was excited. I leave off Leslie Jones because I’m not familiar with her work. McKinnon’s pictures looked absolutely stunning too, as she had the perfect revived Egon look. But..... the movie was terrible.

I’m sad. The franchise is probably going to die again, but at least we will always have the originals.


Dear movie makers.... if you are going to bring back cult classics please don’t make them a political statement. Please don’t have a massive budget and blow it on terrible CGI (I’m cool with CGI, just not bad CGI). Please make it have a cohesive story line that doesn’t break the rules established early on in the movie and most of all, just make a good movie. I personally don’t mind remakes if they are done well. There are tons of awesome movies that have been redone that I love. But when you absolutely destroy something that was great 20 30 years ago (fuck I’m old) and is still great today... come on.

Final request... please stay the fuck away from The Goonies. I’ve heard rumors of a remake. It can’t be done. Don’t even bother. No one can do a better truffle shuffle than Jeff Cohen at the time.

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