Because this tie rod job is LITERALLY a nightmare. Seriously. I just had a dream that for some crazy reason I decided to test drive it after removing the entire tie rod assembly, and one of the wheels fell off, destroying everything on that corner of the car. Yikes. I woke up instantly.

If I get to the point where I’m so stressed about something that I start having weird dreams about it, I know it’s got me pretty good. This almost never happens. I’ll probably end up heeding oppo’s wisdom and giving up on separating the outer from the inner, which seems impossible, since it may be way easier to run out and buy a new inner tie rod too and just replace the whole thing.


This is SUCH a typical car guy situation lol. I have been looking forward to bringing the Q to Japanese Car day all Summer. That’s tomorrow. It’s one of the best shows of the year in terms of variety and turnout. But of course my beloved boat breaks a week beforehand haha... I will probably be too salty to attend if I can’t fix this today UGH!!!

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