I'm glad you asked, because it truly is an interesting story. No, really, it is. This parking lot once belonged to The Tyler Penn Foundry,a component of McWane Inc.'s Tyler Pipe Co. The Tyler Penn Foundry produced cast-iron pipes and fittings in Macungie, PA. In November of 2005, a large scale industrial fire practically leveled the facility.

Solid records are hard to find, but it is believed that around 13 fire companies were called in to deal with the blaze. Initial plans were for McWane Inc. to rebuild the facility, however, they changed their plans by April of 2006. The foundry would not be rebuilt, and the land would remain vacant.


Are you still here? Great! Lets switch gears to Mack Trucks. During the early and mid 2000s, Mack Trucks were built in both Macungie, PA, and in a plant in Virginia. In 2008, a restructuring plan was put into effect, which ultimately led to the production of all Mack Truck products to be moved to the Macungie Facility by 2009. Demand was on the rise, so Mack Trucks increased production and hired more employees. Everything was looking great, until a problem became apparent: they were running out of space to store the production output at their facility. Luckily, a simple solution was available; the old Tyler Penn Foundry was still sitting vacant, and was less than a mile away from Mack Trucks' Macungie Manufacturing Plant.

The result; space to park 400+ newly built Mack Trucks until they are shipped, and a use for a vacant property that had been sitting for several years.