Why Are Automakers Making Supercars Into Cartoons?

Not necessarily "cartoons," but the lines and perceived animation of some new supercars are becoming less sensual and seductive. They've turned to more electric lines carrying more childlike angry or excited faces.

Take the R8 for example. Upon first release, the car was about smooth, yet fast lines; a serious, yet somehow forthcoming face and an overall presence that exuded quality and an athletic spirit.

Now? Some of these qualities carry over, but it's face has gone overtly sour, lines have become hard and bolded and the overall design language has become blocky and straight-cut. It looks more of a drawing than a sculpted body.


I don't think these changes make it look terrible, but I see it as a downgrade, not an upgrade. I see this as an in between refresh, just so we can have the best version brought to us in 2020.

This next example is a bit more biased, I think, by personal taste, because the original iteration had its own excited face to it:

... but at the same time, the only "toony" thing about the car was its mouth, and in certain colors, could be dismissed. Then you could focus on the beautiful contrast of the roofline and waistline; the perfect continuing lines from front fender to rear. Even though this car is said to be designed mostly by aero-engineering, it carries a wonderful, flowy design (probably due to that).

The 570s, though.


I'm not feeling it's excited eyes, or tight lipped smile. The pinched fender lines look nice and the roofline from the rear point of view is gorgeous; but that might be all it has going for it.

The more I look at it, the more I like it, but it still doesn't seem like an appropriate upgrade from the 12c.


The tail lights seem too thin to pull off their oblong oval shape, and the whole rear end seems a bit messy compared to the 12c's. I feel like if a body panel had wrapped around the rear end, maybe right across the license plate level, it'd look sharper.

Again, I might just need to let things grow on me.
Anyone else feel this way?

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