I just washed my car, no issues. Then I washed my mom’s Forester XT and found a roofing nail stuck in her rear tire.

So, being the good son I am, I pulled the nail, patched the tire and inflated it back to 34psi. All is well.

My wife comes home in the meantime, so while I have all my gear out,I decided to check her tire pressure. 3 out of 4 are low - wtf, I just inflated them like 2 weeks ago? So, being the good husband I am, I go looking for nails in her tires and I find one in her front driver side tire. So I patched it, inflated it to 32psi, and promptly realized that the valve is broken and is leaking air out!

Quick visit to Big O Tire solved it - and they did it for free! They even inflated the other tires. I’m sure that they will be defleated soon - and I’ll have to take them off and hunt for more nails.

2 nails and one broken valve in one day. Sigh...and I still have a ton of crap on the way to replace on the Tundra.