So I recently got into Hondas after I’ve spent all my life brushing them aside as rice-mobiles for kids. I get the appeal, the 90s Honda anyway—willing engine, 5-speed manual, light weight, double wishbones all around—it’s just the perfect recipe for fun.

After researching which Honda is the right Honda for me, I have narrowed the best models down to the 92-95 Si hatch and EX Coupe, 3rd gen Prelude Si with no 4WS, the bugeye Integra GSR 2dr hatch, and possibly the 96-00 Civics too.

But all the Hondas I see for sale are either completely high-mileage, no service history, slammed on cut springs, with a bunch of mods that make it fail smog, or priced about twice as much as they are actually worth.

I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here but what are people thinking when they throw on all these mods in California? How are they going to pass their smog? I can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, if you knew all the hard work you put into the car will be deemed illegal in less than two years, why the hell mod it? And then put it up for sale afterwards because it failed smog?!?!


Can anyone give me an explanation on this? The Hondas in general and this smog failing business.