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Why Are Many Car Salesmen So Ignorant About Their Products?

I was out roaming the local Dodge/Ram/Jeep/Chrysler/Polaris/SRT dealer looking at some Challengers for a friend. Yes, really, it wasn't for me! I was on the used lot, and they had a bunch, virtually new 2014s and abused 2008s. I was looking at the newer ones: they had a 2014 with the Shaker 392, a few 100th Anniversary Editions, and a mix of V6s and RTs. So the salesmen walks up and introduces him.

I told him that I was looking for something fast for a friend. I was talking to him and asking about the different models. To try and make conversation, he stood there reading the window stickers; talking about horsepower and gas mileage. When I asked about the Shaker Edition, he had to ask me which color that one was so he could see it. He had no idea what made the 100th Anniversary Editions much more special. He struggled to explain the difference between R/T and SRT.


I was honestly embarrassed. Well there, i also decided to give the Cherokees a look since my mom may be switching to one soon. I asked if they had any Trailhawks in, since that'd be the one I'd want. He told me no, explained that the Limited trim was essentially the same. I just thanked him and left.

PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING ME! It really is irritating!

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