Anyone else notice that a lot of automakers have an uninteresting namesake brand? I mean the Fiat and Chrysler brands are pretty nonexistent compared to all the other FCA brands. Mercedes-Benz looks to be nearing 70% of their models NOT being “Benzies.” I mean look at this!

Two Land Rovers but four Range Rovers? How does a model have a larger range than the actual brand? The way the branding is setup JLR is implying that there is only one model they build, the Discovery!

Then I look over at the Dodge Charger...


Only 3 out of the 8 levels of Dodge Charger can be had with Dodge’s “signature” crosshairs grille. But according to the current online configurator, by adding on the $1,205 Super Track Pack, Dodge will put the SRT-style front end on your R/T free of charge! Heaven forbid people see you in something that is “just” a Dodge.

I’m just pointing out that automakers are milking their premium and performance brands because that’s what people obviously want. However, in the process they are devaluing their names to the point where the premium and performance badges become regular models. Then everyone gets used to them and they begin to scream for badges above the badges they are already paying a premium for just to avoid saying they own your brand, even when they love that product.


Maybe it’s time to increase the value and amount of interest in the “regular” brand rather than continuing to squeeze everything out of your subbrands, Automakers...

Interesting cars under the parent’s name needs to become a thing. But even then you still have an issue where everyone NEEDS to buy a car higher than the not yet paid off one they are trading in. That Jeep Overland isn’t good enough so now Jeep needs to add a Summit trim to everything.


Almost every Yukon is a Denali! How can you call something a top trim if over 60% of the sales ARE that trim? If a majority of sales are the highest thing you offer then you need to move your ACTUAL BRAND upmarket because it ain’t cutting it. Instead of creating an Avenir line, maybe bump up Buick and get people interested in the actual brand, not the apology for not surpassing expectations.

It’s pathetic to be a multi-billion dollar company calling yourself successful when signing your work devalues it.