I’ve driven a couple different cars, and I’m not sure if this is an industry standard or not, but the rear seats tend to be arranged in a 1 + 2 format; why is that? The spot behind the driver’s seat can always bend down on its own [pictured], it’s never one unit with the middle spot. But the middle seat and the passenger side rear seat is always one unit. I’m curious as to ‘why’.

I wonder because with two car-seats (for my two kids), I tend to put them behind the drivers seat and in the middle. But this prevents me from bending the rear seat down for extra storage, since the drivers side is blocked. I always thought it would be more natural to have a 2 + 1 setup, to have the driver and middle seat be one unit, and the passenger side on its own.

Any thoughts oppo?

A 1 + 2 setup.