That’s what I said to myself, before remembering what the date is today. I have no idea why April 20th is the stoners’ holiday (nor do I care), but it sure would be nice if the waited until they got home.

I don’t have one tenth of one shit to spare about what people do to themselves in their own home, but to paraphrase here: I swear to god I’m gonna pistol whip the next person who tells me they drive better when they’re high. *

That statement is equally insane as, “When I get two or three beers in me, that’s when I really start hitting those apexes.”

Sorry for the mini-rant. I actually had a pretty good day today, but I saw a remarkable number of people driving as if their head was completely up their own ass.

*Disclaimer: I do not own a pistol.

I also saw a guy pushing an Econoline by himself, which was dragging its snapped driveshaft on the ground.


Picture unrelated in any way.