When I worked at a dealership in 2013 we sold a black CSRT4 for 9 grand. It had 84,000 miles at the time I really liked the car and I considered buying it, but I had only had the job for 2 months so taking on a car payment didn’t seem like a good idea.

but maybe it would have because some how these things have retained their value like a Jeep Wrangler. 5 years and 10,000 miles older this car is a grand more than that one sold for! That CALIBER could have been the only smart automotive purchase I’ve ever made.


and this is no fluke either here’s another one listed Private Party for 8k with 122k miles one it

and another at a dealership, this one is a bit cheaper, but has 131,ooo miles. 7 grand for a turbocharged PT Cruiser thats 10 years old and has 131 thousand miles on it. thats bonkers! 

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