Why are you trying to sell me an E21 for 61K?

While I do not consider myself a BMW (I had to make an edit because I thought it was an E30) connoisseur, This seems oddly optimistic by the part of the seller.

But quick history: Mexico didn’t really get the E21, or the E30 because Mexico didn’t get BMW until 1994. You see, much like a creep waiting for a 17 year old to turn of age, BMW didn’t settle in Mexico until NAFTA was signed, and all the blue-balled enthusiast got were E36s and onwards.


Considering the speedo reads in kilometers, this is an honest to god Euro import and not a cheap “driven across the border and registered after the 25 year classic car exemption” car with the speedo in MILES.

Now, the car does have supposed schnitzer turbo tuning and about 26,000 miles. So I suppose that warrants some of its price.

But 61,000 dollars for an E21?

What, are you nuts?

I’d very much prefer buying this and this and keep some change.

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